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Tuesday March 4th 2014. We will begin at 5:30 and be over at about 8:30 PM.  Find us near the corner of Hotel St. and Nuuanu in Chinatown.  The Honolulu Popular Street Carnaval/Mardi-Gras is a global fusion of fun  from diverse cultures. This is a celebration of the nations and peoples found in the local mix of Hawaii.  It is also a chance for the far flung people of many cultures to band together and fight their homesickness;  as they share their carnaval spirit and heritage with the community.

This year, our heritage platform/float will feature music from the English speaking  traditions of Jamaica, and the West indies.  Stop by for the Caribbean beats of Reggae, Calypso, and the Latin sounds of Cumbia, and meringue, or the Brazilian Samba da rua, and European celebration music and global fusion.

We are NOT entertaining  you.  YOU can bring your whatevers: fun music, drums etc.  to share!!!

Our Carnival Heritage effort is a family friendly and joyful expression of frivolity and music.  Drinking, carousing  and tasteless or hedonistic excess is not OUR point.



Fun.  We are fun.  We are bringing our positive expressions and the happiness found in our cultures and family, music and dance.  So jump around and dance and have fun.  Drinking, carousing, and tasteless excess is not OUR point.  What you do later, OR ELSEWHERE is your own business.

Light. We are bringers of peace, joy and love. As such there is no room for cultural, racial, political, gender or other grievances in this celebration. We ask everyone to use white as your base color to show we are bringers of light and simplicity. Accessorize in your country, or Krewe colors.  Decorate and wear a straw hat if you want to. Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Simplicity  We are regular people.  Bring what you have.  Do what you can. Relax we are in Hawaii.  Big business and commercialism, elitism, sophistication and tourism, have destroyed our simple local expressions.  Passively paying someone else to entertain us is stupid. All floats, costumes and accessories should be made from recycled materials. (Think thrift shop and recycling!!)

Creativity.   Be creative and free. We encourage everyone to be fun and creative. WE ARE ALL AMATEURS!!!  Bring your musical instrument to kanikapila with others, learn some new beats, enjoy, move, have fun. We are an informal  local group .  Next year our local and international krewes will be an even bigger presence in our truly global festival.


Rules of the Krewe.

·         Bring your own water, preferably in reusable containers.

·         We will begin at 5:30 and be over at about 8:30 PM.  This is followed by a public parade in which you may participate.

·         You are totally responsible for your personal actions, and for children under 18. All your individual street dancing and music is considered independent and your responsibility.

·          Approval from Krewe Boss is necessary to appear on stage or ride in floats and is necessary for any formal presentation.

·         We are all about spontaneity and will try to accommodate your music on our sound system, but advanced programming has precedence.

·         You are responsible for your own children.  We have DO NOT have programming for them, but plan on doing more next year.  We are not equipped to include your kids or youth under 18 on our platform or float. If you are going to be in our street activities or parade, keep your children close in the crowd!

·         Exercise the wisdom of keeping safe and watching your personal  items. Your personal safety should be the rule in Chinatown at all times.  Do not leave anything with us.  It will not be there when you return…


The original European carnivals of Italy, France, Portugal and Germany were times of fun and release.  The need was to get through the lean hard days of winter, and a chance to release before the somber spirituality of the season of Lent that helped the culture survive winter’s deprivations until spring.  Jewish Purim festivals are part of the heritage, and pagan revelry is part of the ancient mix too.  In some ways it is similar to the Hawaiian Makahiki, the Japanese Matsuri festivals and Chinese New Year.

The Brazilian, the West Indies, and the Creole French Mardi-Gras are the most well known.  In the New World Carnaval is a mid-summer fun time and most every culture in the Americas celebrates in some way .  There are Huge carnival/Mardi Gras in such cities as Toronto, New York and Miami.

How does the local Hawaiian melting pot respond?

Japanese/Korean/Phillipino/Chinese/Portuguese/Hawaiian/Haole/Pacific Islander. Etc.???  Find your gathering place in our local Mardi-Gras/Carnaval .  Let your fun side out of the box.

  1. This was a great success Thanks to everyone who got involved. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR.

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